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In Pursuit of Justice: The Life and Impact of,

Cassidy Jane Mongeon

Cassidy Jane Mongeon was born on September 4, 1997, to loving parents Christina and Michael Mongeon, in Tallahassee, FL. She was the cherished daughter in a family that included her two brothers, Patrick Mongeon and Michael Tercyak.

Cassidy displayed remarkable creativity and passion for the arts from an early age. Drawing and exploring her artistic talents brought her immense joy. Growing up in the beautiful surroundings of Tallahassee, Cassidy developed a deep appreciation for nature, often bonding with her father and brothers while fishing on the serene St. Marks River.

Her thirst for knowledge and love of books began early in life, and these passions remained constant throughout her journey. Cassidy attended Woodville Elementary School, Cobb Middle School, and SAIL High School in Tallahassee. During her junior year, she embarked on a unique experience and transferred to Westfield High School in Westfield, MA, where she stayed with her Paternal Nana, Gail Mongeon, and Aunt Mickey Dyer for almost a year. Returning to Tallahassee for her senior year, Cassidy graduated from Leon High School in 2015. During high school, she found fulfillment in working at The Park Avenue Inn in Tallahassee, contributing to its success while developing valuable skills.

After completing high school, Cassidy began her college education at Tallahassee Community College. Although she took a break from formal education for a period, Cassidy had every intention of returning to college at the time of her passing.

Her journey took her to Jacksonville, FL, where she pursued her passions with determination. Cassidy joined the United Parcel Service (UPS) and quickly became a workplace leader on the Jax Hub Day Sort. Her passion was advocating for the working class and empowering workers to defend their rights. As a rank-and-file leader in the Teamsters 512 United reform movement, she campaigned tirelessly for a member-controlled union. Her advocacy extended to championing women’s rights and supporting people experiencing homelessness.

Outside of her work and activism, Cassidy indulged in several hobbies that brought her joy. She found tranquility in kayaking through rivers and springs, sought beauty in collecting seashells, and felt alive while hiking along scenic trails. Her creative flair extended to making charcuterie boards and capturing memorable moments through photography. Cassidy lovingly cared for her beloved dog, Maggie May, who was always by her side.

Tragically, Cassidy’s life was cut short on the night of April 10, 2021, in a devastating accident while driving home from her part-time job at Tabula Rasa Brewery. Her family, friends, and the entire community deeply felt the loss of this compassionate and courageous soul. In the aftermath of the accident, Cassidy’s family has been supported by the unwavering dedication of Chris and Denise Tanton, who tirelessly stood by their side in their pursuit of justice for Cassidy.

Throughout her life, Cassidy demonstrated unwavering strength of character and a relentless commitment to her convictions. Though her presence is dearly missed, her memory is a beacon of advocacy for a more just and compassionate world. Her legacy lives on in the hearts of all touched by her kindness and inspiring spirit.

Cassidy Jane Mongeon