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Public Statement on Behalf of the Mongeon Family

Public Statment

In the early morning hours of April 10th, 2021, our beloved daughter Cassidy Mongeon’s life was cut tragically short due to the recklessness of Jonathan Leon Davis, a man with a profoundly concerning and extensive criminal history. Our hearts remain heavy, but today, we come forward not just in grief but in the hope that justice will be served, and no other family will experience the pain we endure daily.

Firstly, we sincerely thank the emergency medical technicians, the dedicated Orange Park Medical Center staff, the diligent traffic investigators from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, and the Florida Highway Patrol. We are forever grateful for your tireless efforts. We also want to extend our deepest appreciation to the good Samaritans who provided solace and comfort to Cassidy in her final moments. Their kindness during such a traumatic moment will never be forgotten.

As we approach the sentencing of Mr. Davis, our family’s greatest fear is that he will receive a lenient sentence not commensurate with the devastation he has caused. Given Davis’s alarming habitual offender record, which includes:

  • Total Arrests: 14
  • Total Charges: Approximately 18
  • Convictions/Admissions of Guilt: 8
  • Driving Offenses: Convicted four times of driving without a license, twice as habitual offender felonies.
  • Most Serious Charges: Convicted of 4 misdemeanors and three felonies.

It becomes abundantly clear that he poses a genuine threat to society. He not only has a documented history of dangerous and reckless behavior but has also demonstrated a continual disregard for the safety of others. His consistent failure to take responsibility for his actions, evident in his audacious claims that the accident was Cassidy’s fault, only further solidifies our concerns about his character.

The tragic events of that fateful day in April underscore the dire consequences of Davis’s actions. After causing the fatal collision, Davis chose to flee the scene, neglecting even to call 911 for an injured Cassidy. His eventual surrender came only after Davis realized his wrecked vehicle exposed his identity, and his responsibility for the head-on crash speaks volumes about his intentions and character.

We implore the Clay County judicial system to consider the extensive evidence showcasing Davis’s progressively dangerous behavior and the potential harm he could cause. With this in mind, we stress the importance of confining Davis for as long as legally possible to prevent further injury to innocent lives.

Our beloved Cassidy’s life was tragically cut short due to one man’s recklessness. We urge the court to recognize the gravity of his actions and act in public safety’s best interest. We hope that by ensuring Davis faces the full extent of the law, no other family will have to experience the overwhelming pain and loss we feel daily.

We thank everyone for their attention and consideration of an event that changed our lives forever. Cassidy’s memory deserves justice.

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